Nottingham Trent Students' Union is a democratic, member-led organisation. That means that you, the students of NTU, dictate exactly how the Union carries out its business by proposing and voting upon Union policies (in the form of Big Ideas), and - most importantly - electing representatives from amongst yourselves to carry out those policies. 

You will find elected representatives in every area of the Union: representing your views on Sports provision or your society's common interest; passing on your feedback on your academic experience or accommodation; sitting as Trustees of the registered charity and leading the direction of the entire Union.

Last year, a record-breaking 8,038 students voted in our main elections for our current Officers, and this year we hope to beat that number again! 

Below you will find the election schedule for the year ahead. Forms will be available on the website during the "Nominations Open" period so that you can nominate yourself for the role. Then it's down to the electorate: voting will take place online during the "Voting Open" period and it is down to you to get as many people as possible to vote for you. Whichever elections you run in, be sure to read through the rules when they are published by the Elections Committee.

Don't want to run in the election but think you have a head for democracy? Get involved with Elections Committee, the group that oversee and run the elections!

If you have any questions or need any further information, email elections@su.ntu.ac.uk.


Term 2

Nominations Open: 12noon Monday 18th January - 12noon Friday 19th February

Voting Open: Friday 11th February - Friday 18th February

Positions available:

Full-time Executive Officers
Part-time Executive Officers
Part-time Student Officers
NUS Delegates
School Reps (2nd and 3rd year only)
Sports Committees
Society Committees

Term 3

Nominations Open: tbc

Voting Open: tbc 


Positions available: any remaining Sports and Society Committee Members (by-election)