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The Puppy Room returns on Tuesday 27th May! You will be able to book a 15 minute slot in the room for a donation of £3 (plus 0.30 booking fee) - the entire £3 will be donated to Guide Dogs and booked tickets cannot be refunded. The room will take place in the City Student Union building only - the room will be open to both NTU staff and students. For more information simply click here



About Guide Dogs:

During puppy training it is really important that our dogs encounter different environments, as we never know what they are going to experience during their working lives so we like to prepare them for a variety of eventualities. We've recently trained a guide dog owner who is studying for a music degree and the dog has helped him to achieve this, enabling him to live an independent life. Additionally the youngest Guide Dog Owner in the country has just qualified at the age of 11 years old, highlighting that some of our dogs will encounter academic settings.

At the pet therapy session the dogs' welfare will be paramount and there will be a timeout room for the dogs so they can have a break. We would also like to stress that whilst this is a good experience for the puppies and the students if anyone sees a guide dog whilst it's working please do not distract the dog, as it may have unfortunate consequences, and to always ask the owner if you can stroke or pat their dog.
The charity Guide Dogs for the Blind receives no government funding and it costs around £50,000 to support a guide dog from birth to retirement, £28,000 of this cost is for training. The dogs remain in training until they are 20 months old when they are matched with a suitable Guide Dog Owner. The average working life of a guide dog is currently five to six years, although some dogs can continue to work for eight years, up until they are 10 years old. Guide dogs assist their owners so that they can live an independent life. When a dog reaches retirement they can remain with their owner or are rehomed so they can enjoy a well-earned rest at the end of their working lives.  


To donate to Guide Dogs For The Blind, text 'NTSU55' and the amount (eg. £3) to 70070.