NTSU Awards 2017

The annual NTSU Awards, which recognise and celebrate the outstanding contributions of students to SU activities, open nominations from Weds 1st February. Students who have been involved in the following NTSU activities are eligible to be nominated for these awards:

  • Volunteering
  • RAG fundraising
  • Course Reps
  • School Reps
  • Hall Reps
  • Societies

Awards categories

  • Course representative of the year
  • School representative of the year
  • RAG event of the year
  • Volunteering outstanding contribution award
  • Carrie Maclaren green impact award
  • Hall rep of the year
  • Societies event of the year
  • Best new society
  • Society of the year
  • Ian King NTSU Volunteer Of The Year

The full list of awards criteria can be seen here.

If you meet the criteria of any award, you can nominate yourself online.  If you know somebody else who has been closely involved with any of the NTSU activities listed above this year, you can also nominate them online.

Being nominated, shortlisted or winning an award is a great form of recognition for somebody’s hard work, and can help to boost somebody’s employability when they graduate. It only takes a couple of minutes, so nominate yourself or somebody you know today.

The 2017 NTSU Awards presentation evening will take place on Wednesday 10th May. Shortlisted students will be invited to attend. Winners in each category are decided by a judging panel. The number of nominations an individual receives does not affect any decision-making – awards are based entirely on merit.

Awards timeline

  • Weds 1st Feb – nominations open
  • Fri 7th April - nominations close
  • Mon 10th April – shortlisting
  • Weds 10th May – NTSU Awards ceremony

Click here to nominate yourself or somebody you know.