Tell us your global story.

At NTSU, we believe that, in the 21st century, all students at NTU are global students with a story to tell and we want to hear yours.

Maybe you have worked, volunteered, studied abroad or have other travel experiences. Maybe you are of mixed heritage or have links to foreign cultures. Perhaps you speak multiple languages or are part of a social group with a mix of nationalities. Maybe you have plans to travel or work abroad in the future. Even if you haven’t left the country but the environment here at NTU has exposed you to a variety of cultures and given you a global outlook in life, let us know!

Whatever your story, be it past, present or future, we want to recognise the value of your global experience. Share it with us on Twitter or Instagram using #NTSUglobal and you could win some amazing prizes.

Our Global Student campaign has over £10,000 worth of prizes to be won, including:

  • Bursary to cover non-Erasmus Year Abroad (e.g. Australia, US, Canada etc.) of up to £2000 (includes return airfare subsidy)
  • Bursary to cover non-Erasmus Semester Abroad of up to £1300 (includes return airfare subsidy)
  • Bursaries for NTU Global Trip Summer School in India or China
  • Bursaries for NTU Global European Trip/Summer School

By taking part and sharing your story, you could win one of the above! Taking part is easy – just follow these simple steps:

Step 1

We want to know why you associate as a global student. Let us know by either uploading a short video of yourself explaining or upload a photograph, using the caption to explain why you’re a global student.

Step 2

Upload your content to either Twitter or Instagram using #NTSUglobal

Step 3

Encourage people to like and share your post.

Our panel of judges will be shortlisting entries which use #NTSUglobal. The NTU students with the best global stories will be selected to have the chance to win one of the above prizes!


Submissions have now closed. Thank you to everybody who has taken part and shared their story. We are in the process of shortlisting and will announce the successful submissions shortly - watch this space!