About NTSU

Nottingham Trent Students Union (NTSU) is an independent organisation that aims to represent all students currently attending Nottingham Trent University, and accommodate their needs during their time at Trent.

You are automatically a member of your students' union (NTSU) when you enrol at NTU. We are run by a board of officers known as the Student Directorate which is made up of current students and recent graduates who are elected by (and accountable to) the entire student body. So, ultimately, we are run by you, the students.

We offer a wide array of services and activities covering everything from socialising and personal development to representation, support and advice. You will be able to recognise the different things we do throughout the year by the icons displayed below. Everything we do for our students falls into one of these categories.

Student Voice

As a representative organisation that aims to support you fully, NTSU provides many fora for all NTU students to have their say. From our elected Exec and student officers through to course reps, school reps and hall reps, we can make sure your voice is heard.

Student Ents

Socialising has a large role to play in the university experience. Our entertainments team are devoted to bringing you the best DJs, themed nights, live acts and more so that, no matter your taste or campus of study, you can experience student life at NTU to the full.

Student Advice

The Student Advice Centre provides independent, free and confidential advice, information and representation to all students at The Nottingham Trent University. You can pre-book appointments with our advisors for your convenience.

Student Activities

We offer a wide range of activities for all students to get involved in. Whether it be one of our 80+ societies, regular volunteering projects, or something less down to earth like taking part in a charity skydive, there is plenty for you to choose from.

Student Employability

NTSU provides lots of opportunities to aid your personal development whilst studying at NTU. As well as providing lots of extra-curricular workshops, we also run Skills Award and Leadership Award programmes to help boost your CV.

Student Democracy

As a democratic organisation, NTSU is really run by you, our members. You have the power to make change through a variety of democratic processes; from electing your Exec officers to voting for policy changes at AGMs and UGMs, you can make a difference.

Student Engagement

Our membership is a diverse crowd and NTSU is here to ensure that everybody is included. As such, our engagement programme covers a wide variety of social activities. Look out for our daytime events on campus as well as daytrips and weekend breaks around the UK.

NTU Sports

Whether you are a budding competitive athlete or a recreational enthusiast, we have a multitude of sports clubs and facilities to cater to your sporting needs. And of course, look out for the annual Charity Varsity Series versus the University of Nottingham.