NTSU Student Elections - The Candidates!

Monday 06-03-2017 - 08:43


This article was updated at 5pm on Monday 13th March 2017.

UPDATE - 13/03/2017

The current NTSU Memorandum & Articles which were approved at the Union’s incorporation in 2013/14 place technical restrictions on how long Officer Trustees can hold office in the Union under various circumstances. It has become apparent that due to a technicality these are more onerous than those set out in Section 22 of the Education Act 1994. We have sought legal advice regarding whether we can accommodate Mayo Adeniran’s candidacy for President in the forthcoming elections under these circumstances. The guidance we have received is that this is not possible.


Therefore, it is with considerable regret that we have been forced to withdraw Mayo Adeniran from the 2017 student elections.  Mayo is deeply disappointed that he is unable to stand for President.


Following this year’s elections, NTSU intends to review our governance and consult the membership on any proposed changes, so that our rules more accurately reflect the 1994 Act.

We are pleased to announce the names of students running in this year's NTSU Elections:



Martha Longdon

Max Fisher


Vice President Education

Danielle Ayo

Jelena Matic

Connor Savigar


Vice President Activities

Jack Hughes

Kyle Hutchinson

Afonso 'Fonz' Martins

Tara Walker


Vice President Sport

Anjali Agrawal

Hamish Bott

Sam Clark

Isabel Gregson

Nessa Hadley

Jack Hill

Darnell Humes

Adam Pritchard

Laura Robertson

Matthew Stainton


Vice President Community

Kieran 'Gonz' Goncalves

Andrew Lovett

Demi-Lee Robertson


Vice President Services

Lucio Marabese

Rosanna Purkiss

Lucas 'Slim' Swain


Clifton Liaison Officer

Maddy Kamall


Brackenhurst Liaison Officer

Catherine Romero

Kieran Gething


NUS Delegates

Mayo Adeniran

Sue Chan-Wyles

Jack Garwood

Kieran 'Gonz' Goncalves

Martha Longdon

Gida Malafronte

Isobel Pankhurst

Spencer Payne

Chris Wilkinson


Equality and Diversity Officer for Student Parents and Carers

Denver Tasker


Equality and Diversty Officer for Ethnic Minority Students

Anna Mahon

Melissa Silva Soares Badinca


Equality and Diversity Officer for Sexuality

Rebecca Wilde

Sue Chan-Wyles

Tom Kitching


Equality and Diversity for Mature, Postgraduate and Non-Traditional Learning

Daniel Pikett


Equality and Diversity for International Students

Berk Tansel

Kelly Gibson

Syed Fahad Kamal


Voting for candidates will open at 5pm on the 17th March, and close on the 24th March at 5pm. We wish all candidates good luck! While you are waiting for voting to open, why not take a look at the candidates manifestos so you can work out who to vote for!

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