NTSU Freshers 2017

You've got the grades and your offer through UCAS - you deserve to celebrate - Freshers Week will soon be here for you lucky bunch!

We are super-excited about it and hope you are too! With over 400 events in one week - from live music to the biggest club nights - it is sure to be one of the most memorable weeks of your life. Want to know what to expect? Click here to see a list of events included with Wristband+

To keep up to date with all the events at NTSU, follow our social accounts below...

Official NTSU Freshers 2017 Facebook group

🎉: FB.com/groups/TrentFreshers2017 

NTSU Entertainments accounts

😄: Fb.com/NTSUents
🐔: Twitter.com/NTSUents
📷: Instagram.com/NTSUents

👻​: @NTSUents


General NTSU info

😄: Fb.com/Trentstudents
🐔: Twitter.com/Trentstudents
📷: Instagram.com/TrentSU

👻​: @NTSU_Exec


Official NTSU Freshers 2017 Wristbands

Click here to see our discounted Wristband+ package deals.

Please note: This website is the only place that official NTSU Freshers 2017 wristbands will be available from. Any wristbands available elsewhere will not be official and will not give you access to any official NTSU Freshers 2017 events!