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Nottingham Trent University Airsoft Society (NTUAS)

Have you ever played Paintball and wondered what it would be like if the guns actually had a semblence of accuracy and range? Then Airsoft could be the thing for you! Similar to paintball but with Replica Imitation Firearms (RIFs) that fire BB's accurately out to roughly 75 meters, thats over 7 double decker buses in a row. Airsoft also provides a great outlet for fitness enthusiasts, with long game days requiring a good test to endurance. We aim to bring current airsofters together, as well as providing a welcoming environment to beginners! Airsoft sites range from casual gaming arenas up to Military training environments, such as underground bunkers, training villages, large scale woodland areas and everything in between. Theres even a 250,000sqft 4 story Shopping Mall. Games tend to last from 10 minute casual death matches up to 3 day non-stop military simulation scenarios.

The society meets every week on a Thursday at 7:30pm at the Pitt and Pendulum Pub, just up the road from the tram stop in the market square. We run trips to our local airsoft site Skirmish as often as possible, but at least once every two weeks on a Sunday, including events at other sites occassionally during weekday evenings. All society members receive a discounted rate for trips. We also run games against other Unis, with Trent winning the West Midlands Inter-Uni competition in 2019! Along with joint social events with other societies. 

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