Extinction Rebellion

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I want this society

Interested in restarting NTSU’s Extinction Rebellion Society? Here’s what you need to know.

We are a newly setup society with two main aims: 

1. To connect Extinction Rebellion members who have just started or are already studying at Nottingham Trent. Our main aim is to offer an easy way of connecting with other members, especially for those who have come from other parts of the country and might not know anyone in Nottingham but want to remain part of the rebellion. 

2. To notify members of events planned by Extinction Rebellion Nottingham and XR nationwide demonstrations, and to arrange groups to attend these events with, and transport options if necessary. 

Act now. Tell the truth. Join the rebellion!

Social Media / Contact

Email:  NTSUExtinctionRebellion@su.ntu.ac.uk

Facebook Group:  NTU Extinction Rebellion Society

Facebook Chat: XR society