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Welcome to the History Society.

We are a society that loves history and we want to share our passion with everyone. To some, history is in the past. To us, it is a part of our present and future. 

Why not join us for one of our regular social nights? Feeling adventurous? Look out for our trips throughout the year. We offer some of the best trips within the NTSU. Are you sporty? We even have a futsal team for everyone to enjoy. 

We want you to know that as a society we will be going above and beyond for your needs and that is why this year we are doing something different to other societies. We know that getting work experience and work placements can be tough and that is why we have set out to work alongside local companies, schools and other facilities in order to help our members obtain work experience of different kinds. 

Enough waffling, join us and enjoy endless benefits, opportunities and a safe space to make new friends, learn new things and do great things.

Hit us up via email, facebook, twitter or instagram. 

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Terms and conditions

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Please read through our terms and conditions carefully: 

1. All members including must abide by the NTU student code of conduct.

2. When attending a social event with the history society, all members must respect each other and the public.

3. When attending a social event with the history society, all members must act responsibly and where permitted, follow safety instructions from the event organiser or social well-being officer present. 

4. Where payments are made to the history society for an event, refunds cannot be given due to external circumstances with the exception to the cancellation of the event made by the society. 

5. Where an event is run by a third party [Not the history society], all participants must follow safety instructions. 

6. If for any reason a member has offended, assaulted or harrassed any person/s, action will be taken to ensure this will not happen again and further consequences may occur subject to severity.

As a member of the histroy society, you agree to these terms and conditions and failure to agree will result in termination of your membership.