Our Mission

Our Mission

To involve, represent, develop and entertain Nottingham Trent Students and to enhance their university experience.

Our Vision

In fulfilling our mission we will be a leading students’ union in areas that matter to our members.

Our Values

  • Democratic
  • Representative
  • Inclusive
  • Transparent


In order to achieve our mission, we will do our utmost to:

  1. Be a confident voice for our members
  2. Create personal development opportunities
  3. Build a safe, inclusive student community
  4. Deliver high quality services
  5. Be a well governed organisation


NTSU recognises, respects, and promotes the diversity of its staff, students, and stakeholders, and is fully committed to creating an environment where these differences are valued and encouraged.


Our Strategic Themes & Objectives

1. Be a Confident Voice for our Members

We will deliver:

  • Flexible and engaging democratic processes;
  • An independent course rep system recognised by students;
  • A visible campaigning presence on campus and online;
  • Access to impartial advice;
  • Recognition of changes secured for students.


2. Create Personal Development Opportunities

We will deliver:

  • Opportunities for student leadership;
  • Recognition of student leadership through the HEAR system;
  • Opportunities for fun and friendship;
  • Opportunities for reflection on personal development activities;
  • Certification and accreditation of personal development activities;


3. Build a Safe, Inclusive Student Community

We will deliver:

  • A culture of respect and positive relationships;
  • Appropriate challenge to discriminatory practices;
  • Active engagement of hard to reach students;
  • Information and advice to enable healthy lifestyle choices;
  • Marketing and communications that reflect our diverse community.


4. Deliver High Quality Services

We will deliver:

  • Ethical business practices;
  • Events and services which recognise the diversity of our membership;
  • Access to more flexible, dynamic commercial offers;
  • Investment to ensure the quality of our commercial spaces;
  • Employment opportunities for our members.


5. Be A Well Governed Organisation

We will deliver:

  • A motivated, focussed staff team;
  • Financial resources to deliver our strategy;
  • Good governance practices;
  • A positive relationship with NTU;
  • Well managed stakeholder relationships.


Our delivery of our Strategic Objectives will:

  • Be based on research;
  • Be high quality;
  • Use technology effectively;
  • Be sustainable;
  • Be properly evaluated;
  • Have an international dimension;
  • Be communicated effectively.


Student Charter

This Charter has been jointly created by the University and the Students' Union. It sets out how the University is committed to delivering a high quality student experience that meets - and hopefully exceeds - those expectations, while enabling you to realise your ambitions. To read or download the student charter, click here.