Your Union

Our Mission 

To involve, represent, develop and entertain Nottingham Trent students and to enhance their university experience. 

Our Vision 

In fulfilling our mission we will be a leading students’ union in areas that matter to our members. 

Our Values 

  • Democratic 
  • Representative 
  • Inclusive 
  • Transparent 

In order to achieve our mission, we will do our utmost to: 

  1. Be a confident voice for our members 
  1. Create personal development opportunities 
  1. Build a safe, inclusive student community 
  1. Deliver high quality services 
  1. Be a well governed organisation 


NTSU recognises, respects, and promotes the diversity of its staff, students, and stakeholders, and is fully committed to creating an environment where these differences are valued and encouraged. 

Our Strategic Themes & Objectives 

1. Be a Confident Voice for our Members 

We will deliver: 

  • Effective academic representation & advocacy 
  • Implementing a review of our officer team 
  • Strengthening the Union’s insight function 
  • Articulating student views on employability & mental health 
  • Better representing the interests of post-graduate students 

2. An Inclusive Student Community 

We will deliver: 

  • Measuring demographic engagement in Union leadership & services 
  • Communicating effectively with our international members 
  • Improving membership offers at Clifton & Brackenhurst 
  • Delivering resilience programmes for our members 
  • Strengthening engagement with local communities 

3. Accessible Opportunities and Entertainment 

We will deliver: 

  • Empowering students to form common interest groups 
  • Supporting the establishment of course based societies 
  • Developing links between Union activities & employability 
  • Diversifying the Union’s entertainment programme 
  • Contributing to campus cultural & music programmes 

Our delivery of our Strategic Objectives will: 

  • Be based on research; 
  • Be high quality; 
  • Use technology effectively; 
  • Be sustainable; 
  • Be properly evaluated; 
  • Have an international dimension; 
  • Be communicated effectively.