New Year New Me

Exec Cook Book

The Exec Cook Book has fun ideas for easy to make, healthy, tasty food every day of the week. Adding to this, the book includes information about a healthy lifestyle and what the Students’ Union and University offers to help you achieve this.


Self-defence classes / Martial Arts week

Martial Arts week, running from the 16th-21st January 2017, is being held at City and Clifton campuses, giving you the opportunity to take part in different sports. Following this, there will be weekly self-defence classes held in the city Students’ Union, 9-10pm, where you are able to learn to defend yourself whilst getting fit and healthy.


Know Your Blood Type

On the 7th February, NHS Blood and Transplant will be coming into the mezzanine at City SU to give people free blood type tests. It will also give students an opportunity to sign up to the donor register and know how and where to give blood.


Dry January – Sober Ocean

On the 18th of January we will be holding a pledge board for sports teams and societies to go to Ocean sober. Here we will be raising awareness for Cancer Research and an optional £1 will be added to the price of each Ocean ticket (£5).



#TrentSwitchOff is a spin off from the NUS national campaign Student Switch Off. It is a social media campaign where you can take pictures of things around the university which are not energy efficient, or are environmentally unfriendly, and post them onto social media with the hashtag #trentswitchoff. The hashtag will be monitored regularly so that we can see which issues need addressing.


Employability Workshops

*These workshops are for final year NTSU society and/or NTU Sport club committee members only*

The workshops are designed to help you reflect on your experiences as a student and committee member, and to help you effectively communicate your strengths and skills to prospective employers.

Monday 20th February 5-6.30pm
Workshop 1: ‘Tell me about yourself’: Self-awareness and evidencing skills

This workshop will help you understand the importance of self-awareness in relation to your personal and professional development. This session will help you become self-aware and identify your strengths, skills and personal attributes. During the workshop you will:

·         Analyse your own experience to increase your awareness of your strengths and skills.

·         Learn different techniques, including the STAR method, to help you ‘evidence’ your skills for graduate applications and interview.

Thursday 23rd February 5-6.30pm
Workshop 2: Presenting yourself professionally- In person and online

Have you considered how to most effectively communicate your skills and abilities to prospective employers? What will give you the ‘Wow’ factor?

Making a good impression isn’t just what you say at interview– employers will take everything into account, including what you’re up to in the virtual world as well. Understand the importance of professionalising your presence both in-person and online, to create a really positive impression. During the workshop you will:

·         Reflect on and learn from your previous interview experience

·         Understand a wide range of ways to effectively prepare for and present yourself in person and at interview.

·         Understand the meaning and importance of your digital footprint, and identify how to use social media to develop your employability.


Fix Your Finances

More info to come on this soon! We are looking to put on some workshops to help you with your finances. Tips to stay savvy with your student loan, and other incomes you may have.


British Heart Foundation Clothing Donations

As a university we have topped the BHF clothes giveaway league for a few years, and this is something we can carry on doing to push Nottingham, as a city, from number 2 into first place. There will be maps available soon showing where you can donate clothes you no longer want. Especially with the new wardrobe you may have after Christmas, this can give old clothes a great new home.


Resilience Training

The Samaritans are looking to run resilience training over the three campuses. In these classes students will learn to be more hardy when it comes to work, and how to best look after themselves throughout the stressful exam and deadline period.



Stay tuned for all of the updates over the next couple of weeks! 


For any questions please come in to the Students' Union, 

Email or call 0115 848 6200