NUS Delegates 2019

NUS Delegates represent Nottingham Trent Students’ Union at a national level. As an affiliate of the National Union of Students, NTSU engages with the National Union on a variety of levels, which culminates annually at the NUS National Conference. This year, the conference will take place in Glasgow between Tuesday 9th and Thursday 11th April 2019. 

At NUS National Conference, delegates from every NUS affiliated Students' Union in Further and Higher Education, come together to vote and debate on policy that NUS will have to follow and abide by over the next few years. The issues they discuss will have a direct impact on students across the country.  


  • Liv Broad 
  • Afua Acheampong 
  • Momen Moustafa
  • Yemi Odukale 
  • Giosuè Bonsu 
  • Saliyha Mawji 
  • Sue-Chan Wyles 


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