An award-winning Students’ Union deserves a world-class home.

Welcome to the City Campus Students' Union. Situated a stone’s throw from Nottingham city centre, it is designed to be your second home. Whether you’re catching up with friends over coffee or taking a break from your studies at one of our events, you’ll find everything you need to make the most of university life. Step through our doors and you will be able to enjoy: 

  • Social space and soft seating 
  • A coffee shop 
  • Gym 
  • 30ft climbing wall 
  • Dedicated dance studio
  • 2000-capacity night club 
  • Campus shop
  • Licensed bar

It’s where our full-time Executive Officers are based so make sure to pop in and say hello.

Find out more about our City Campus venues here.

Create unforgettable memories

Create unforgettable memories

Events and entertainment  

Socialising has a huge role to play in your university experience and, at Nottingham Trent Students’ Union, we have a varied events calendar that is sure to make your time here more memorable, featuring clothing fairs, quizzes, live music, and more.

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See our bars, diners, and coffeeshops

Do something you love

Do something you love

There are so many opportunities on offer at the Students’ Union that give you the chance to grow and do something you love alongside your studies; including 

They are all great ways to meet new people, try new things and improve your employability. But more importantly – they’re a chance to have fun. 

See all of our current opportunities here.

Make your voice heard

Make your voice heard

Your voice matters and the Students’ Union is here to make sure it’s heard.  

Your representatives  

We have a number of representatives who are elected to make positive changes on your behalf. These include your Executive Officers who work full-time to represent you on everything from your studies to your welfare, Course Reps and School Officers who represent your academic interests, and Equality and Diversity Networks that represent a range of student demographics.  

Influencing change  

If you want to propose changes to the student experience on your campus, you can submit a Big Idea or even become a representative yourself. 


Find a helping hand

Find a helping hand

We understand that university life can be challenging sometimes. Like a true friend, we’re not just here for the good times, we’re also here for when times get tough.   

Health and wellbeing  

We run a series of events and campaigns throughout the year designed to provide support and raise awareness of issues you might face at university.

Information and Advice Service (IAS)  

Our Information and Advice Service offers free, confidential advice on everything from housing to mental health. You can book an appointment with an advisor or access downloadable advice guides at

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