Freshers Fair Bookings


NTSU Freshers 2017


Coming to university opens the door to a world of opportunity. There is no better place and time for new students to discover a new interest – or develop an old one – than the Freshers’ Fair. Our Freshers Fairs give students the chance to find out about everything the Students’ Union, University and university life have to offer! They are a great opportunity for sports clubs, societies, NTSU and NTU departments as well as national and local businesses to promote themselves to students. 


NTSU Freshers Fairs for 2017 are on the following dates:

Monday 25th Sept - Brackenhurst Fair (10am - 2pm)

Tuesday 26th Sept - Clifton Fair (10am - 3pm)

Wednesday 27th Sept - City Fair (Sports clubs day) (10am - 4pm)

Thursday 28th Sept - City Fair (Societies day) (10am - 4pm)


Stalls can be requested via the links below:






If you need to contact us regarding stall bookings, please email