LGBT History Month

February 2020

NTSU is celebrating LGBT+ History Month!


What is LGBT+ History Month?

A month dedicated to celebrating the LGBT+ community. The UK, America and Canada all participate and this year it’s taking place in February.


How can you get involved?

We’re hosting themed activities and events throughout the month to mark the occasion.

Below you can find out more about them.


Past events

Information stalls

Tuesday 4th February, Clifton Atrium, 1-3pm

Wednesday 5th February, City SU Entrance, 11am-1pm

Thursday 6th February, Bramley, Brackenhurst, 11am-1pm

Rainbow Card Writing

Monday 17th February, The Point, Clifton SU 12-2pm

Thursday 18th February, The Mezz, City SU 2-4pm
Read more about the Rainbow Card Project here

Conversations on being LGBTQ+

Tuesday 18th February, The Loft, City SU, 4:30-7pm

Join us for the second in our series of ‘Conversations On’ events where we’ll be discussing subjects which matter to students to improve the university experience at NTU.

Following on from a successful discussion around race last term, we’ll opening up the conversation on being LGBT+, giving you the chance to provide feedback and help make a difference on your campus. It’s also an opportunity to network with your fellow students and staff members at NTU.

Ongoing Events

Hate Crime Panel

Thursday 27th February, The Loft, City SU 5-7pm

In this discussion we will be exploring the ways in which things like homophobia and transphobia present themselves in 2020, how these crimes affect our students and how we can create positive social change.


Thursday 27th February, Activities HQ, City SU 3-4:30pm

Join your Equality and Diversity Officer for Gender, Chelsea for a spot of inclusive afternoon tea.

It will be a space to hang out and fill in A5 cards for LGBT+ History Month: 'What does LGBT+ History Month mean to you?' and 'I pledge to support LGBT+ people by...'