What is HEAR?


The Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) is a transcript that details all of an undergraduate students' academic results and achievements in one electronic document.


As well as your academic results, it includes a range of extracurricular activities you’ve been a part of during your time at university and is a great way to increase your employability by demonstrating the skills and experiences you’ve gained from them and.


From volunteering in the community to working with our Information and Advice Service, there are various ways that undergraduate students can contribute to their HEAR transcript.


Below is a list of voluntary positions offered at NTSU that allow you to do just that.  


  • Academic Reps- Academic Reps represent the students in their school or course and use their feedback to affect change at a higher level.
  • Hall Reps- Hall Reps act as a voice for the students in their halls, helping to create the best possible experience for those living there.
  • Welcome Week Volunteers- Welcome Week Volunteers are responsible for supporting new students in their first week at Trent, from showing them around the city to taking them to events at the SU.
  • IAS Volunteers- Information and Advice Service Volunteers plan and run campaigns to raise awareness amongst their peers of the issues affecting students and how to avoid them.
  • RAG Volunteers-  RAG volunteers are responsible for supporting NTU students who want to raise money for charity.
  • Equality and Diversity Officers- Equality and Diversity Officers support and represent a group of students at Nottingham Trent, ensuring they have access to the opportunities and support they need.
  • Society Committee Members- As a committee member, you are responsible for the proper management of a society, providing exciting and diverse opportunities for your members.
  • Ents Committee Members-  As part of the Ents Committee, you’ll get an insight into how the Students’ Union operates its entertainments, whilst also having the opportunity to put on your own.
  • Liaison Officers- As well as being a trustee of NTSU, Liaison Officers act as a voice for students on their campus, and serve as Chair of their Campus Committee.


Every year NTSU hosts a student awards ceremony to recognise the outstanding contributions of students to SU activities. Winners of our student awards are also recognised in HEAR reports.


If you want to get involved in any of the above opportunities and contribute to both your personal and professional development, explore the ‘Your Opportunities’ section of our website.  

For more information on the HEAR transcript at NTU specifically, visit this web page or email info@su.ntu.ac.uk.