Jailbreak 36 hours no money. How far can you get in the name of charity?

Got a taste for adventure?

Challenge yourself to get as far away from Nottingham in 36 hours in the name of charity. There’s only one condition – you can’t spend any of your own money!

Starting on the morning of 24th March, teams of 2-4 will flee from the starting point of NTSU and get as far away as possible in 36 hours. It’s also completely free to sign up and take part, all you have to do is fundraise.

Jailbreak is in aid of Trent RAG’s nominated charities and there will be prizes for everything from Furthest Travelled to Silliest Costumes. There will also be challenges that you will be tasked with completing while on the road.

For more information, make sure you come along to an information meeting or drop in session.

Clifton, The Point, Tuesday 26th November 12-4pm (Opportunities Drop In)

If you have any questions, please contact rag@su.ntu.ac.uk

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