Societies FAQs

To become an official member of a society, you can join online  or in person at the City SU Box Office or Clifton Campus SU Reception at any point throughout the year. 

As many as you want! If you join lots of societies it will be hard to be an active member of them all, so we suggest that one to three is the ideal number. 

Yes, PG students can join any NTSU society. If you are specifically looking to meet other PG students, you may want to join our Mature OWLS Society, which is for mature, postgrad, part-time, parent, carer and distance-learning students. 

Every society’s contact details, including their social media accounts can be found here.  

If it does not already exist and you have 10 friends who want to get involved, you can start your own

You can start an NTSU Community. They bring together likeminded students just like societies do but on a more casual basis.