Policies & Procedures


Below you can find all the relevant documents and resources you need to help with the running of your society.

Document Details
Societies Code of Practice This is the main governing document for societies and outlines how different aspects related to societies should operate.
Societies Financial Procedure and Funding Policy This policy outlines how societies can bid for funding, how to get payments authorised and how payment processing works.
NTU External Speaker Policy This university policy outlines the processes relating to hosting external speakers at events, including for societies.
Societies Equipment And Storage Policy This policy governs the storage of society equipment.
External Affiliation Policy If your society wish to affiliate with an external organisation you should make sure you are aware of the procedure outlined in this policy.
Student Group Health & Safety Policy This outlines the processes and procedures that should be applied by all student groups wishing to run events and trips.
Emergency Procedures Policy This policy outlines what action should be taken in the event of an emergency by union staff and student groups.
Media Hub Usage Agreement This document outlines the use of the media hub by societies.