Start a society


Can’t find a society you want? Thought of a new one that does not exist? Then here is a guide on how to make that happen!

Step one

Find others who think it’s a good idea too!

To complete a new society application you need a minimum of 3 society group leaders, 10 interested members and a strong set of aims and objectives. If you need help with this speak to an Opportunities Coordinator first.

Step two

Complete an application form

If you have met the Minimum requirements then, click here to fill out the application.

Step three

Meet with a Society Coordinator

Once you send off your application, a society coordinator will arrange to meet with you to discuss your application.

Step four

Wait to hear from Societies House Executive

Your new society application will go to the next Societies House Exec meeting.

Step five

Wait to hear from Societies House Assembly

If your application is accepted by the Societies House Exec it will be passed onto the next Societies House Assembly.

Step six

Attend committee training

If your application is accepted by the Societies House Assembly, you will be invited to attend training.

Step seven

Congratulations on the new society!

Once your committee is trained you can begin to recruit more members, organise events and have fun.