Students' Union Awards Categories

Here is a full breakdown of each award category and the criteria for each award. 

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NTSU Course Representitive of the Year

  • Has made an outstanding contribution to their course.
  • Shown on-going commitment and enthusiasm to improving their course.
  • Has submitted consistent and timely feedback.
  • Has shown excellent level of attendance and participation at Course Rep meetings.
  • Has helped drive a beneficial improvement that will benefit current and future students

NTSU School Representative of the Year

  • Has shown dedication and enthusiasm to making changes to their school.
  • Has submitted consistent and timely feedback.
  • Has made an outstanding contribution that will benefit current and future students.
  • Has shown excellent attendance and participation in meetings.

The RAG Award

  • Ran a successful RAG event/activity
  • Engaged students in fundraising activities
  • Raised awareness or funds for a charity
  • Showed excellent organisation and creativity skills through engaging events/fundraisers
  • Collaborated with other student groups/organisations during their events.

NTSU Volunteering Outstanding Contribution Award

  • Be on the committee of a society or NTSU community or led/participated in a student-led volunteering project
  • Able to demonstrate their passion and dedication to volunteering and can give examples of how they have gone the extra mile as a volunteer within NTSU
  • Shown excellent leadership skills and have being a role model to other NTU students

NTSU Societies Event of the Year

  • Held a successful one-off or series of events which engaged fellow students
  • Showed excellent organisation and effective publicity skills.
  • Raised awareness of the society.
  • Engaged with society members as well as other societies.

NTSU Best New Society

  • Society must have been created within the last twelve months or less.
  • Effectively managed the society’s budget/accounts.
  • Good member recruitment and retention within the first year
  • Successfully organised activities and events for members.
  • Good, regular communication between the society and NTSU.
  • Shows potential for growth and future success.
  • Caters for all members and has been successful in fulfilling its aims and objectives.

NTSU Society of the Year

  • Caters for all members by organising a variety of events/activities and has been successful in fulfilling its aims and objectives.
  • Aims to raise profile of societies within NTSU and the university.
  • Effectively managed the society’s budget and accounts.
  • Has had good membership retention and engagement throughout the year .
  • Effective communication to society members.
  • Has maintained a positive representation of NTSU and the University.

NTSU Society Committee Member of the Year

  • Attendance at all relevant society assemblies, committee meetings and events throughout the year
  • Gone above and beyond the call of duty for the society
  • Encouraged members to engage in activities and being a role model for those in the society
  • Worked in partnership with NTSU staff to deliver the best activities for their society

NTSU Student Staff Member of the Year

  • Demonstrates the values of NTSU
  • Delivers excellent customer service
  • Goes above and beyond to get the job done
  • Committed to ensuring students have an excellent experience when using NTSU


Nominate yourself or someone else