Want to make a difference while studying at home? Our Micro Volunteering opportunities allow you to get involved as much or as little as you want to. Each of them give you the chance to contribute to projects such as medical research, conservation, or mentoring. You can find all of our current opportunities below.

Knit for Premature Babies –  https://www.bliss.org.uk/support-bliss/volunteer/knit-for-premature-babies
Crocheting/Knitting clothes and cuddly toys for premature babies at neonatal units around the country.

Dementia Friends - https://www.dementiafriends.org.uk/register-digital-friend
A Dementia Friend is somebody that learns about dementia so they can help their community. Dementia Friends help people living with dementia by taking actions - both big and small. These actions don’t have to be time-consuming. From visiting someone you know with dementia to being more patient in a shop queue, every action counts! Dementia Friends can also get involved with things like volunteering, campaigning or wearing a badge to raise awareness.

Be My Eyes -   https://www.bemyeyes.com/
Be My Eyes is a free app that connects blind and low-vision people with sighted volunteers and company representatives for visual assistance through a live video call.

Fundraising Research Volunteer - CLIC Sargent - https://www.clicsargent.org.uk/join-our-fight/get-volunteering/local-community-volunteers/
Research to support local fundraising for Young Lives vs Cancer. Use your local knowledge and research skills to build a list of potential supporting groups, organisations and businesses, as well as larger companies based in in your area.

Octavia Foundation - https://www.octaviafoundation.org.uk/volunteer/apply_now
Telephone befriending involves calling an older, isolated person once or twice weekly for up to an hour - supporting them to feel more connected and less lonely without ever leaving your home. All our processes are now being completed remotely, including training via video call (1 hour).

British Red Cross - https://reserves.redcross.org.uk/
Become a reserve volunteer to help get communities back on track. By becoming a community reserve volunteer, you will help your community get back on track in the event of a major local emergency. This may be particularly important right now and the Red Cross are working with the authorities to support the Covid-19 response in the best possible way.

Post Pals - https://www.postpals.co.uk/getting-involved/
Sending cards, letters, emails or little gifts to seriously ill children in the UK.

Maggie’s Nottingham – https://futurehub.ntu.ac.uk/students/jobs/detail/991680/virtual-fundraiser
With social isolating taking place more and more people are finding their access to services very limited. Maggie's, a cancer support charity, have developed a range of ideas to get you thinking about how you can fundraise for their organisation virtually.

Prince’s Trust – https://www.princes-trust.org.uk/support-our-work/volunteer
Support young people online to help them achieve their goals, whether it’s looking for work or starting their own business.

Brightside -  https://brightside.org.uk/volunteering/
You can develop mentoring relationships with young people via Brightside’s online platform to help them make confident and informed decisions about their future.

Maturity of Baby Sounds - https://www.zooniverse.org/projects/chiarasemenzin/maturity-of-baby-sounds
We need your help to classify some very short recordings of babies’ speech sounds. This will help us to better understand the very first stages of language learning!

Sending Solidarity - https://www.refugeesupportnetwork.org/pages/162-sending-solidarity
The Refugee Support Network have created the Sending Solidarity project as part of their ‘Connected Through Covid’ campaign. Let a young refugee know they are not alone by sending a postcard or letter to them. 

LibriVox - https://librivox.org/pages/volunteer-for-librivox/
LibriVox volunteers read and record chapters of books in the public domain (books no longer under copyright), and make them available for free on the Internet.

Anti-slavery Manuscript Transcription- https://www.antislaverymanuscripts.org/  
The Boston Public Library need your help to turn our collection of handwritten correspondence between anti-slavery activists in the 19th century into texts that can be more easily read and researched by students, teachers, historians, and big data applications.

Imperial War Museum - https://www.iwm.org.uk/volunteer/hours
Transcribing films and videos as well as verifying records and war diaries.

Star Notes - https://www.zooniverse.org/projects/projectphaedra/star-notes

Transcribing the work of early female astronomers to help understand how the universe is evolving through space and time.

Criminal Characters - https://www.zooniverse.org/projects/ajpiper/criminal-characters
You can help researchers find out by transcribing the records of persons imprisoned from the 1850s through to the 1940s.

Drawing on history, criminology and law, this research project will transform understandings of crime and its history by capturing the first large-scale data on the life histories and offending patterns of Australian criminals across a period extending from the end of the convict era to the beginning of the Second World War.

Action for Insects - https://insectspledge.e-activist.com/page/51363/petition/1
Pledge to take practical, positive action in your own home and garden to help insects. When you pledge, you will receive two easy guides to help you go chemical free, and create safe and healthy homes for insects.

Instant Wild – ZSL - https://instantwild.zsl.org/intro
ZSL’s Instant Wild empowers you to take part in vital conservation work, bringing you LIVE images and videos from amazing locations all around the world. By identifying the animals in each image, you are contributing to conservation and making a positive impact on the future for wildlife.

NestCams - https://www.zooniverse.org/projects/spotteron/nestcams/about/research
Video monitoring of nests to support broader project into the breeding performance of two avian model species.

The Plastic Tide - https://www.zooniverse.org/projects/theplastictide/the-plastic-tide
Help train an algorithm to automatically detect plastics and marine litter on beaches. Tag plastics and litter in the images taken with their drone. The more you tag, the better the computer program gets at identifying plastics!

Galaxy Zoo - https://www.zooniverse.org/projects/zookeeper/galaxy-zoo/
Look at telescope images of distant galaxies and identify them according to their shape. If you're quick, you may even be the first person to see the galaxies you're asked to classify.

Missing Maps - https://www.missingmaps.org/
Each year, disasters around the world kill nearly 100,000 and affect or displace 200 million people. Many of the places where these disasters occur are literally 'missing' from any map and first responders lack the information to make valuable decisions regarding relief efforts. Missing Maps is an open, collaborative project in which you can help to map areas where humanitarian organisations are trying to meet the needs of vulnerable people.

Translators without Borders - https://translatorswithoutborders.org/volunteer/
You can volunteer with TWB if you are fluent in at least one language other than your native language. Whether you are interested in translating medical texts or translating for crisis response, there are engaging projects available to suit all preferences. 

Surfaid - https://www.surfaid.org/surfify
Donate money by listening to music! All you have to do is play their album of relaxing surf sounds, exclusively on Spotify. They then pay Surfaid a small royalty fee per track played. The more you play, the more you donate. You can even do it in your sleep. Best of all, it costs you nothing.

Free Rice - https://freerice.com/
Answer questions online to collect rice for the United Nations World Food Programme.