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This September NTSU launches a campaign entitled Consent is Everything. With this simple message we hope to ensure that respect and dignity remain at the forefront of what we all do here at NTSU throughout the coming year.


In partnership with NTU we are raising awareness about sexual consent; what it is, what it isn’t, giving it and getting it.  Your elected officers have played a big part in the NTU Respect and Consent Working Group, consisting of both staff and students. The aim of the group was to look specifically at how to address issues around sexual consent and certain social cultures, which are prevalent across universities nationwide.


The first step of this campaign is our Consent is Everything video. This has been made available to all students, to support them in understanding and expressing their own boundaries and respecting those of others. This was also included in training for both Fresher’s Crew and Resident Assistants and will also be rolled out in committee training to ensure the message reaches all types of students across the University.


Remember… Respect at NTU: Give it. Get it. Expect it.


(Thanks to http://rockstardinosaurpirateprincess... for her permission for us to use her original concept and script)