Key Documents

Here is a list of documents relating to NTSU elections that you may find useful:

NTSU Elections Guide

From key dates to campaigning, this guide includes everything you need to know about NTSU’s Elections. Read this before you nominate yourself.


Full Role Descriptions

Full descriptions of all the positions available in the NTSU Elections, from Full-time Executive Officers to Equality and Diversity Officers. Read this before you nominate yourself.


NTSU Election Rules

The rules (set out in the Democratic Procedures Document) which determine how NTSU's elections are run. Read this before you nominate yourself.


NTSU Election Regulations

The regulations candidates running in NTSU’s Elections must follow. Failure to follow them can lead to a campaign ban or even exclusion from the election. Read this before you get your campaign team together.


NTSU Sports & Societies Elections Rules & Regulations

This document dictates how the sports and society committee elections must be run as well as the expectations of candidates. Read this before you nominate yourself for a committee position.


NTSU Democratic Procedures Document

A document which details how all of NTSU's Democratic Processes, including elections, must be run.