Sexual harassment, abuse & threats

Sexual harassment is any sexually motivated behaviour that is unwanted and makes you feel uncomfortable, intimidated, or humiliated.

This can include but is not limited to:

  • Wolf-whistling
  • Groping
  • Sexual comments and "jokes"
  • Displaying/sharing photos of a sexual nature
  • Sending emails and messages with a sexual content


What does it look like?

"I have been repeatedly groped/smacked on my bottom on several occasions whilst in student clubs and bars, and when I have confronted the men they have either seemed shocked/embarrassed that I didn't like receiving this kind of attention or have found it funny that I'm unhappy."  - NUS Hidden Marks report case study


If you have harassment, abuse or threats and want to talk to someone, get in touch with our Information & Advice Service.


All reports of sexual harassment at NTU are taken very seriously and investigated.