With regular trams and buses across the city centre and beyond, Nottingham has a good public transport network. Despite this, sometimes it can be more convenient to get a taxi. If you are going to catch a cab, be aware that there are two types of licensed vehicles in Nottingham; Hackney carriages and private hire vehicles. Each one has some fundamental differences.


We work with local taxi provider, Nottingham Cars, who offer fixed fares between campuses and halls of residence. Download their app to book a cab with them. They also run an emergency taxi scheme in partnership with us so you can still get home if you run out of money one night – see below for more info.


Hackney Carriages

  • City of Nottingham coat of arms on both front door panels.
  • Large white licence plate on the rear displaying the words ‘City of Nottingham’ and a 3-digit number prefixed by the letter H.
  • Can be hailed in the street or accessed at city centre taxi ranks.
  • Meters must be used for journeys within the city boundary but you may negotiate the fare if the journey ends outside the boundary. West Bridgford is outside the city boundary, but Clifton is inside.


Private Hire Vehicles

  • Usually saloon type vehicles.
  • Small yellow licence plate on the rear displaying the words ‘City of Nottingham’ and a 3 or 4 digit number prefixed by the letter P.
  • Usually has the name of the Private Hire Company displayed on the side of the car.
  • Cannot be hailed in the street, they must be pre-booked by telephone or in person.
  • Always ask for an estimate of the fare, or agree it before entering, as they don’t all have meters.
  • Note: If you get into a Private Hire car without pre-booking it you may not be covered by insurance. This is known as “flying” and the drivers know it is illegal.

Top taxi tips

  • Do not get in a taxi if you cannot see the photo badge.
  • Get a cab with friends – it’s safer and sharing a taxi fare with friends can work out cheaper than paying individual bus fares.
  • Make sure you have enough money to cover the fare.
  • Be aware of bogus taxi drivers that tout without licence plates.



Emergency taxi scheme


It’s the end of the night, you’ve run out of money, don’t have your bank card with you, and need to get a taxi home. What can you do?

NTSU has an agreement with Nottingham Cars that means you can get a taxi home whenever you need to and pay for it the following day. That means there’s no excuse to walk home alone. For more info on this scheme visit


How it works

You need to call Nottingham Cars on 01159 700 700 to book a taxi, stating you need to use the Student Emergency Fare scheme.

When you are in the taxi, the driver will take note of your student card number and check your student card photograph to confirm your identity. You will be given a receipt at the end of your journey.

Nottingham Cars will then email the SU, stating your N-number, name, campus of study and cost of your taxi fare.

Your Students Union will temporarily cover the fare on your behalf, which you will then settle with us on return of your receipt to the reception of the SU on your campus of study.

The Students Union will email you stating your fare and indicating the campus you should settle your bill at. You will have one week to settle your bill.

So now you have no excuse to walk home alone at the end of a night out!