Wellbeing Week

NTU’s annual Wellbeing Week is designed to raise awareness around mental health and wellbeing and we’re planning a series of events here at the Students’ Union to show our support.

Below is a full timetable of all the activities.


Monday 4th March

Smoothie Bike

Smoothie Bike, City SU, 12pm-2pm

Cycle your way to a free smoothie with our on-campus smoothie bikes. The faster you pedal, the smoother your drink!


Tuesday 5th March

Foodbank Volunteering 

Foodbank Volunteering, Clifton, 8:15am-11:30am

Volunteering can be beneficial for both your own and someone else’s wellbeing so why not help us lend a hand at Clifton’s Food Bank?  
*Please note: this opportunity must be booked in advance.


Craft Session

Craft Session, Clifton Atrium, 11am-1pm

Join NTSU’s Craft society for an afternoon of creativity and relaxation. 

Wednesday 6th March

Slime Making

Slime Making, Brack Bar, 1pm-4pm

Wellbeing Wednesdays take place every week at Brackenhurst and this week we’re making slime!  

Free Toast

But first, toast, The Landing, City SU, from 7pm

Heading to Ocean on Wednesday? We’ll be giving out free toast at First Base beforehand to promote responsible drinking. 

Thursday 7th March

Free Healthy Snacks

Free healthy snacks, Brack, Bramley Foyer, 9am-11am

Enjoy a fruit-filled smoothie and a healthy snack on us this Wellbeing Week. 

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea, City SU Mezz, 2pm-4pm

Free tea, coffee and cake on The Mezz with your VP Community and Welfare. 

Friday 8th March

Healthy Breakfast

Healthy Breakfast, City SU Loft, 9am-11am

Start your day the right way – with a free healthy breakfast at your Students’ Union.


For support and guidance on mental health and wellbeing, get in touch with our Information and Advice Service