What is your query about?

The quickest way to find NTSU-related information is to use the search function on this website. If you cannot find what you are looking for, review the list below to find the most appropriate department and contact them.


Advice & Support

For queries about accommodation (inc. landlords and housing contracts), academic issues, money, health, or wellbeing, please contact our Information & Advice Service.

For COVID-related queries, see this page for resources and contact details.


Commercial Inquiries

For queries about commercial opportunities and advertising to students, please Make an Enquiry



If you would like to make a complaint, please see our complaints procedure.


Events & Entertainment

For queries about events, please email entertainments@su.ntu.ac.uk


HR and recruitment

Our current vacancies can be found here.

for all other enquiries, please email hr@su.ntu.ac.uk 


NUS Totum cards

For queries about the NUS Totum student discount card, please email advertise@su.ntu.ac.uk


Student ID Inquiries

For queries about Student ID cards, see here. For proof that you are studying at NTU or any other University-related queries, contact NTU Student Support Services.


Student Opportunities & Activities

For queries about societies, Give It A Go, volunteering email opportunities@su.ntu.ac.uk

To contact a society directly, find them in our A-Z directory.



For sports-related queries, visit this page or email sport@ntu.ac.uk  


Student Representation

For queries about Academic Reps, Elections, or email elections@su.ntu.ac.uk


Technical Support

For technical support with NOW or your student account, please email support@ntu.ac.uk


General Inquiries

For general inquiries that are not listed above, please email info@su.ntu.ac.uk

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