Every year, Nottingham becomes the stage for some of the greatest sporting scenes ever to grace this fine country.

The annual Nottingham Varsity Series sees the Trent Army face Nottingham Uni in a variety of sporting events at some of Nottingham's most prestigious sporting venues. 

By attending the Nottingham Varsity series as a spectator, player, official, volunteer or staff member you are agreeing to abide by the Varsity Oath.    

Varsity Oath 

Varsity is a platform for the celebration of student sport within Nottingham, and I am proud to represent my team, university and city, in this historic competition. 

In the name of all competitors and spectators, I pledge to uphold the true spirit of sportsmanship. To respect our opponents and the facilities and communities in which the competition takes place. 

We will respect everyone, regardless of our differences. We will give everything for our teammates, abiding by the rules which govern our sport and the overall series. 

We win together, we lose together, for the glory of sport. 

May the best team win. 


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