Freshers' Wristbands 2018

All new students will be given a Freshers’ wristband when they arrive at NTU. This wristband will identify you as a new student and show that you are eligible to attend official Freshers’ Week events. The standard Freshers’ Wristbands are free of charge, though you will have to pay an entry fee on the door to access many events. To get more value out of Freshers’ Week, you can upgrade to a Wristband+ which not only grants you discounted pre-paid access to NTSU’s official Freshers events, but also gives you priority q-jump entry and free transport. *T&Cs apply.

Click below to see the events included in Wristband+ on your campus:


There are five Wristband+ packages available and each comes with its own perks and up to £28 worth of savings. Below, you’ll find out more about what each of them includes.

Please note: This website is the only place that official NTSU Freshers 2018 wristbands are available from. Any wristbands available elsewhere will not be official and will not give you access to any official NTSU Freshers 2018 events!

If you have not received your Student ID number, please contact NTU’s Admissions Department on 0115 848 4200.

If you have received your Student ID number but cannot log in with it, you need to complete your online enrolment at first. Please allow 24 hours then you should be able to log in to and buy a wristband.

If you have received a conditional offer, you will have to wait until your place is confirmed before being able to buy a wristband.

Package 1

Wristband+ £45

Not in halls? Don’t miss the big nights out, just swing by the City SU every evening from the 21st – 29th September. The Freshers' Team will be there to meet and take you to your destination venue!

Wristband+ gets you special discounted entry and queue jump for official Freshers 2018 events, spanning 9 nights from Friday 21st September to Saturday 29th September 2018.

Purchasing a Wristband+ means you'll get FREE entry to official NTSU Freshers events, including Kickstart, Beach Party, Trent Army, Trentfest, Bar Safari, Silent Disco, Comedy Box, Bingo, Film Night, Freshers: Live and much more. You won't have to pay on the door, and you'll save money over all compared to paying for individual entry to each event.

Also included in the price is priority queue-jump entry and FREE coach travel from halls of residence to evening venues* all for just £45**.



Package 2

Wristband+ & Totum £55 

This is an exclusive offer which includes a Wristband+ (and all of the benefits listed in wristband package 1) as well as an Totum Card - all for just £55**. This means you'll only pay £10 for your Totum Card, which saves you £2 compared to buying it separately.

The Totum Card is a student discount card that gives you access to loads of exclusive offers and savings from high street and online retailers. For more info on the discounts that are available to Totum cardholders, click here.



Package 3

Wristband+ & Freshers' Ball £57

This is an exclusive offer which includes a Wristband+ (and all of the benefits listed in wristband package 1) as well as a Freshers' Ball ticket - all for just £57**. This means you'll save £1.50 compared to if you bought your Freshers’ Ball ticket separately online.

The Freshers’ Ball is a huge event for our new students with live music, DJs, special guests, casino tables, official photographers and much more!



Package 4

Wristband+ & Clothing £65

This is an exclusive offer which includes a Wristband+ (and all of the benefits listed in wristband package 1) as well as an official NTU hoodie in your choice of colour/size for £65**. This means you'll save £5 compared to buying a hoodie separately***.

Our official premium quality hoodies come in grey or navy blue and feature an NTU emblem.



Package 5

The Big One £86

This is an exclusive offer which includes a Wristband+ (and all of the benefits listed in wristband package 1) as well as an Totum Card, a Freshers' Ball ticket and an official NTU hoodie – all for just £86**. This means you'll save £11 compared to buying these items separately.



Further details (all packages)

*Coaches will only be provided for halls of residence outside the city centre. Space on each coach is allocated on a first come, first served basis and is not guaranteed. Entry is valid at each event before 11pm. After 11pm entry will be allowed if space permits.

**Fundraising for Union activities.

***RRP £25. Offer for welcome weekend only, while stocks last.

Collection Information:

City Campus - Enrolment - Newton Building
Friday 21st September 10am-6pm, Saturday 22nd September 10am-5pm, Sunday 23rd September 11-3pm and Monday 24th September 9am-5pm. Tuesday 25th September onwards: Box Office, Students’ Union building, 10am-4pm.

Clifton Campus - Enrolment – Clifton Pavillion
Friday 21st September 10am-6pm, Saturday 22nd September 10am-5pm, Sunday 23rd September 11-3pm, Monday 24th September 9am-5pm.  Tuesday 25th September onwards: Clifton SU Reception, DH Lawrence building, 10am-4pm.

Brackenhurst Campus - Enrolment - Brack Bar
Friday 21st September 10am-4pm, Saturday 22nd September 10am-3pm, Sunday 23rd September 11-2pm. Monday 24th September onwards: The Orangery, 10am - 4pm

Please note: Nottingham College students should collect their wristbands from the Box Office, Students’ Union Building between 10am and 4pm.


Save on NTU Active membership

Speaking of savings, as part of a special introductory offer, NTU Active Membership is available for just £110 for the year!

You can also buy a three year membership and pay for only two before Sunday 14th October. 

Unlimited use of all NTU gyms and sports facilities, unlimited access to NTU fitness classes and a free gym induction are just some of what it includes and both memberships mean you can make the most of BUCS Universal, the initiative that gives you access to university gyms up and down the country!