VP Community & Welfare

VP Community & Welfare

Hi, I'm Liv...

I’m here to provide support for students on all aspects of welfare. I aim to tackle any issues they’re facing during their time at University to ensure they’re having the safest, most enjoyable time possible!

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What I'm working on

  • Look into our policies regarding sexual assault here at NTSU and ensure that we are providing our students with the best support and representation whilst here.
  • Increase volunteering opportunities throughout the year.
  • Brack Committee.
  • Be more transparent to students and staff through monthly officers vlog updates and regularly visiting the other campuses in order to speak to students and understand their issues/problems.
  • Create a platform where all things housing at NTU are in one place.
  • Investigate student mental health representatives and the best way to introduce this idea into our Students’ Union.
  • Have a transparent and collaborative relationship with the E&D officers to ensure everything we work on and provide is done to the best standard for our students here at NTSU.
  • Re-do wellbeing guide so it’s more up to date and provides students with more information on how to look after their wellbeing and the SU support services.
  • Create a wellbeing forum between NTSU staff and NTU staff in order to create a better relationship to ensure all students are getting positive and collective support whilst at NTU.
  • Update halls comparison sheet on our website.
  • No straws in the SU as a way for us to cut back on single use plastic.
  • Did a tour of all UPP Halls of Residence with NTU staff members to look for areas to change and ensure that the facilities the students are living in are the best they can be and highlight any areas for immediate change.