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I’m here to represent you in regard to any academic issues whilst helping you to implement changes that are important to your education

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What I'm working on

  • Develop the ‘Academic Skills Workshops’ in an effort to assist students in improving their personal, academic and employability skills.
  • Continuing to create more study spaces for students around all campuses.
  • Work alongside NTU to further the globalisation of Nottingham Trent University, providing support to incoming and outgoing international students.
  • Improve the personal tutor system so it provides more effective support for NTU students during their studies.
  • Promote internationalisation in the curriculum in collaboration with NTU.
  • Working to reduce the BME (Black and Minority Ethnicities) Attainment Gap at Nottingham Trent University.
  • Work alongside VP Postgraduate to expand employability opportunities; including work experience, internships and placements.