Officer Impacts

Every year your elected officers work to make sure your time at Trent is the best it can be, running campaigns and working with the University and local community on issues you’ve told us matter to you.

Here you’ll find a summary of just some of the changes they’ve made to benefit NTU students in recent years.

For your societies

Made society training available online for hard to reach students and students with exceptional circumstances to ensure that all committees are trained to lead their societies. (VP Activities 2017/18)

Built upon the rebranding of RAG (Raising and Giving), raising its profile with monthly sporting and non-sporting events dedicated to raising money. (VP Activities 2016/17)

Focused on societies’ fresher events to support them in recruiting new members more easily at the start of the year. (VP Activities 2015/16)

Added different modes of funding: Additional Bid Funding, Event Bid Funding and Match Funding, so that societies are able to apply for money for specific events, equipment in relation to growing their membership. Also updated the funding model to allow new societies starting mid-way through the year to receive funding (VP Activities 2015/16 & 2017/18)

Supported many of our clubs with their additional funding application that rewarded teams with some extra resource for enhancing opportunities within the club. (VP Sport 2015/16)

Continued to deliver the Club of the Week initiative, which rewards sports clubs with money for their achievements and introduced both on pitch and off pitch awards, meaning more chances to win. (VP Sport 17/18)

For your personal development

Worked alongside students’ union staff and NTU to create a number of personal development opportunities for students this year, including the world-renowned Grit Training and a dedicated employability conference. (VP Education 2017/18)

Ran a clothing competition that gave students the opportunity to design their own NTU sweatshirt. The winning design was then sold in our shops. (VP Services 2017/18)

Ensured sports committee training is more tailored towards skills students will find useful after graduating. (VP Sport 2016/17)


Worked alongside the University to ensure that there were fewer inconsistencies with student timetables so students can make better use of their time. (VP Education 2017/18)

Made Ebooks available for all core textbooks. (VP Education 2016/17)

Students now benefit from a half a million pound investment that enables lectures to be digitally captured, and uploaded online. (VP Education 2015/16)

For your wellbeing

Arranged for leading Sport Sleep Coach, Nick Littlehales, to come and talk to our students, giving them an insight into how elite athletes recover through sleep and enhance their performance. Also organised an Eating Disorder in Sport workshop (with the help of the sports exec), delivered by Eating Disorders in Student Services.

Our sports clubs have been heavily involved in raising money for Sexual Violence Awareness Week and training around sexual harassment has been added into the sports club committee training programme. (VP Sport 17/18)

Provided more mental health workshops and campaigns as well as advice on affordable ways to eat healthily, a recipe book and a pocket-sized Wellbeing Guide. Also created a wellbeing map which signposts students to the various support services available to them at university. (VP Community 2016-18)

Helped provide free self-defence classes for all students as well as on-campus sexual health screening from Terrence Higgins Trust. (VP Community 2016-18)

Working with our Information & Advice Service, I took a motion to Student Council for NTSU to cover the tax on the sanitary products sold in Students’ Union shops. The motion was voted on and passed unanimously. (VP Community 2015/16)

Ran a campaign during Alcohol Awareness Week and implemented a Drink Aware Crew who work in our venues to help support the welfare and wellbeing of young people on a night out. (VP Community 2015/16 & 2016-18)

Revamped the SU diner menu at City & Clifton to include a kids menu, high protein / low carb options and various new drinks such as Dark Fruit Strongbow. (VP Services 2016/17)

Successfully supported the campaign, which raised awareness of women's sport and increasing involvement in our sporting pathways. (VP Sport 2015/16)

For your accommodation

Lead on an information campaign with our Information and Advice Service to prevent students rushing into contracts early on into the year without seeking advice. This complements our annual housing fair when students can access a selection of approved housing providers. (VP Community 2015/16)

Produced a halls of residence comparison chart so students can assess the comparative value of the various student accommodation options in the city and then make an informed choice. (President 2016/17)

Took student feedback on the price of halls to the University who then reduced the proposed rate of increase in all university-endorsed accommodation. (President 2015/16)

For your representation

The new officer will work to represent postgraduate students on everything from their academic experience to employability. They will be in post from July 2018. (All Officers 2017/18)

Worked with societies and NTU's Global Lounge to ensure different cultural holidays are celebrated and the diversity of our student population is recognised within the Union. (VP Activities 2016/17)

Ensured better integration of international students into the union, restructuring Freshers’ Week to cater to early international arrivals and increasing awareness of home/overseas opportunities. (President 2016/17)

To keep you informed on what we are working on, we produce termly video updates, highlighting what the SU is getting up to on your behalf. See them all on our Facebook page. (All Officers 2017/18)