Officer Impacts

Every year your elected officers work to make sure your time at Trent is the best it can be by running campaigns and working with the University and local community on issues you’ve told us matter to you.

Want to know what your officers have done for NTU students in recent times?

We can't list everything because there's too much (humble brag). Here are the highlights of some of the changes your elected officers have made to benefit NTU students in recent years.

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For your communities

Reviewed ABF funding and continually helped promote societies to grow their sponsorship and allow their membership to increase. 

VP Activities 2018/19

Built relationships with organisations and sports teams in the community to help improve sports club sponsorship.

VP Sport 2018/19

For your personal development

Met with NTU employability on a monthly basis to increase awareness of their employability platforms and hosted a postgraduate and undergraduate employability conference.

VP Postgraduate 2018/19

By adding a PGT category to the annual Postgraduate Inter-disciplinary Conference, which was described as ‘contributing to the research culture at NTU’ by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Research and Innovation.

Delivered a Postgraduate Employability and Wellbeing Workshop at Clifton campus, bringing PGT students, NTU Employability Managers, and NTU alumni together for a networking event.

Contributed to planning and workshop delivery at the FutureYou Conference, aimed at helping final year students explore career path options.

Expanded the scope of our annual student Enterprise Week to include workshops on workplace skills as well as entrepreneurial activity. We also increased the size of the Dragon’s Den prize pot so more innovative student business ideas could be supported.

VP Postgraduate 2019/20 & President 2019/20

By working with NTU Volunteering.

VP Community and Welfare 2019/20

For your studies

By extending library opening hours during summer to support PG students writing their dissertations.

Supported the introduction of a new Doctoral Student Study space at 23 Goldsmith Street

Used Academic Rep feedback to resolve issues regarding lecture theatre capacity for PG students at Clifton

VP Postgraduate 2019/20 & VP Education 2019/20

By Working with NTU Library to create a new PGT dissertation support services.

VP Postgraduate 2019/20

Through work on timetabling, making PG NEC applications more straightforward and working alongside NTU to improve parental support.

VP Postgraduate 2019/20

For your wellbeing

By restructuring the Equality and Diversity Officer roles

Launched the Conversations On… series of events, including a flagship event for International Women’s Day with over 100 attendees.

VP Community and Welfare 2019/20 and President 2019/20

Designed a Freshers’ Week programme that is inclusive for all students, including those who don’t drink alcohol.

President 2018/19

Through training and inductions to the Zero Violence to Sexual Violence policy.

VP Community and Welfare 2019/20

Recruited 322 student volunteer Mental Health Champions, with 38 champions completing Look After Your Mates training.

VP Community and Welfare 2019/20

In collaboration with NTU, NTU Sport and The Global Lounge we now meet to discuss student wellbeing monthly.

VP Community and Welfare 2018/19

By holding focus groups across all three campuses.

Introduced weekly PG drop-in sessions at City Campus.

Launched a Postgraduate Student Hardship Fund, which ringfenced a pool of money to support PG students experiencing financial difficulties.

VP Community and Welfare 2019/20

In collaboration with UoN Officers and Nottingham City Council, we launched a local Marks Out Of Tenancy platform, which allows to students to rate their accommodation. This quickly resulted in several unlicensed landlords being identified, of which the Council was notified.

VP Community and Welfare 2019/20

By organising an airport pick-up service in partnership with NTU’s International Development Officer and working with our Opportunities Department to arrange trips.

VP Postgraduate 2019/20

Through PG Specific Drop-in Sessions in partnership with NTU’s Student Support Services, securing funding for the continuation for the PG Mentor Scheme and the organization of a PG-focused Employability and Wellbeing Workshop at Clifton.

VP Postgraduate 2019/20

Including a Postgraduate Dinner Party, Interdisciplinary Conference and Winter welcome.

VP Postgraduate 2019/20

For your representation

Created an innovative new strategic plan that will move the Students' Union forwards. The plan focuses on encouraging healthy communities, advocating for the best educational experience whilst representing and celebrating our diverse membership.

All officers 2019/20

Established a PhD Committee and held termly Postgraduate Academic Rep Assemblies across all campuses to make sure the views of postgraduate students are heard. (VP Postgraduate 2018/19)

Worked tri-campus and organised weekly coffee mornings with PG students to understand their concerns first-hand. Also introduced the first monthly PG newsletter with information on upcoming events and support at NTSU.

VP Postgraduate 2019/20

By submitting a report to NTU senior leaders as the culmination of a year-long research project. This was then used as the basis for a paper stating NTSU’s position on the attainment gap among BAME students at NTU.

We worked with NTU to Launch the Black Leadership Programme, designed to upskills a new generation of black leaders.

VP Education 2019/20

By filming and posting monthly vlogs which let students know what the team were working on.

All officers 2019/20

Conducted a voter registration drive among students for the General Election. Worked with UoNSU to produce a manifesto of local students’ issues, based on consultation with 300 students. This was then sent to local MPs, who were invited to hustings on all three campuses ahead of the general election in December 2019.

President 2019/20

Held the first Postgraduate End of Year Party in September 2019.

Increased the number of PG events and activities available during Welcome 2019.

Introduced weekly tri-campus coffee mornings.

Launched a monthly PG newsletter to deliver regular tailored information to PG students.

VP Postgraduate 2019/20

With the introduction of the international student network

VP Education 2019/20