Officer Impacts

Every year your elected officers work to make sure your time at Trent is the best it can be, running campaigns and working with the University and local community on issues you’ve told us matter to you.

Here you’ll find a summary of just some of the changes they’ve made to benefit NTU students in recent years.

For your societies/ sports clubs

Reviewed ABF funding and continually helped promote societies to grow their sponsorship and allow their membership to increase. (VP Activities 2018/19)

Introduced termly meetings with club presidents to improve sporting relationships (VP Sport 2018/19)

Introduced live-streaming for sports fixtures/ events (VP Sport 2018/19)

Built relationships with organisations and sports teams in the community to help improve sports club sponsorship.  (VP Sport 2018/19)

For your personal development

Met with NTU employability on a monthly basis to increase awareness of their employability platforms and hosted a postgraduate and undergraduate employability conference.  (VP Postgraduate 2018/19)

Created the largest Ents Team NTSU has ever had to help ensure our entertainments programme is the best it can be. (VP Activities 2018/19)

For your wellbeing

These students are trained to lookout for the wellbeing of their peers and over 55 of them have been involved already, helping to arrange events and campaigns such as Stamp Out Stress (VP Community and Welfare 2018/19)

Helped to ensure that NTSU’s Freshers’ Week programme is inclusive for all students, including those who don’t drink alcohol. (President 2018/19)

This was passed unanimously at Union Meeting and will be introduced to both staff and students over the next few months. (VP Community and Welfare 2018/19)

In collaboration with NTU, NTU Sport and The Global Lounge we now meet to discuss student wellbeing monthly.  (VP Community and Welfare 2018/19)

These included Operation Christmas Child and charity donations. The Clifton Foodbank was also introduced as an ongoing volunteering opportunity with over 50 students volunteering there this year. (VP Community and Welfare 2018/19)

For your accommodation

Carried out a tour with UPP to look at halls facilities and met regularly with them throughout the year ensure they’re up to date with what’s going on at the SU. (VP Community and Welfare 2018/19)

Implemented an International Guarantor Scheme which makes it easier for international students to secure housing. (President 2018/19)

For your representation

Worked tri-campus throughout the year to increase transparency, attending events, workshops and chatting to students as well as producing monthly vlogs showing what we’ve been up to each month. (All Officers 2018/19)

Established a PhD Committee and held termly Postgraduate Academic Rep Assemblies across all campuses to make sure the views of postgraduate students are heard. (VP Postgraduate 2018/19)

Gathered student feedback to help shape the Students’ Union’s new strategy. (All Officers 2018/19)

New Hall room 092 is now accessible with swipe card access to postgraduate students. (VP Postgraduate 2018/19)