VP Opportunities

VP Opportunities

Hi, I'm Cameron…

I’m here to support our diverse range of societies and fundraising activities, encouraging students to graduate with more than just a degree!

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What I'm working on

  • Introduce a points system whereby societies are acknowledged and rewarded for going above and beyond with their efforts.
  • Improve the bar queueing situation at the SU, increasing presence of pop-up bars to disperse crowds.
  • Let’s face it, Friday night activities are lacking; unique new events are needed for enjoyment after a long(ish) week
  • Listen to all society’s feedback, ensuring all are adequately funded/ provided with what they need.
  • Make Equality & Diversity Officers a mandatory committee position within all societies
  • Inquire into improving transport links between the 3 main campuses during events, ensuring Clifton and Brack students can attend more easily
  • Increase RAG events throughout the year across all campuses Above all, providing YOU and future NTU students with exciting new opportunities.
  • Work alongside the opportunities team to start an accreditation scheme to hold societies to account and showcasing societies for the good things that they do for the community.
  • Be transparent to students and staff through monthly vlogs or videos updating students on what we have been up to.
  • Work tri-campus and increase the number of societies that we have at Nottingham Trent Students' Union.
  • Created a Society Committee 20/21 Facebook group to bring societies together and provide updates on NTSU's plans
  • Had a virtual welcome session with Uni of Nottingham Officer team to discuss our plans for the year ahead as well as potential collaboration projects
  • Interviewed, allocated and sorted the Freshers' Team with President and VP Sport, who are going to support Freshers during both moving in and evening activities
  • Approved and welcomed several new societies, pushing the total number of Societies past the 140 mark
  • Hired a RAG Committee for 20/21 who will be responsible for charity work, with the hope to increase Raising & Giving and Give It A Go events throughout the year