VP Postgraduate

VP Postgraduate

Hi, I'm Yemi…

I represent the views of postgraduate students, lead on NTSU’s employability and enterprise activities and ensure that the SU’s services suit the needs of our postgraduates.

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What I'm working on

  • Assisting PG students to attain a stable family/work and school life balance through flexible timetabling, NEC, parental support service
  • To assist international Postgraduate students with settling in into NTU through pre-arrival accommodation booking and guarantor service, know your Uni/City tours, part-time jobs at NTSU/NTU.
  • To improve the overall welfare of Postgraduate students through improvement of PG mentors' scheme, Wellbeing activities and working with NTU Student support services to make them more effective for the needs of PG students
  • To improve the employability services available to students by advocating for Postgraduate-tailored offers, training and workshops.
  • Operate an open-door policy where ideas are welcomed and developed.
  • Organizing PG-friendly social events across tri-campus to promote networking among PG students
  • Introduce a Postgraduate week to celebrate the diversity and creativity our PG community