Academic Reps

Academic Representatives are here to ensure the student voice is heard at Nottingham Trent University. They are the vital link between the students, the University and the Students' Union.

What are Course Reps?

For every course at Nottingham Trent University there are Course Representatives for each year group. These students play a vital role by representing their course peers’ views to the academic staff and the Students Union.

In term one, students are elected to represent their year of their course through Online Elections held by NTSU.

What are School Reps?

For every School at Nottingham Trent University there are School Representatives who represent everyone in their year of their School. These students play a vital role by representing the views of students in their School to academic staff and VP Education.

School Reps are elected online by the students in their year of their School.


To become an Academic Rep, you will have to nominate yourself online. You'll need to prepare a short statement to support your nomination, detailing why you would be a great Academic Rep and why people should vote for you! To nominate yourself please click here.

Academic Reps attend University meetings once a term. These are meetings between Academic Reps and academic staff from their course team and are a great opportunity for raising feedback formally. Academic Reps are also expected to attend Academic Rep assemblies once a term. These meetings are led by the VP Education and give Academic Reps the opportunity to voice any feedback from the student body directly to NTSU.

All Academic Reps receive induction training from the Union and can access ongoing support throughout the academic year from the Academic Rep Coordinator and Vice President Education. This includes support in resolving feedback submitted through our online form, additional training on a variety of topics and monthly drop-ins with the NTSU.

If you have feedback you would like to share with your Academic Reps, there are plenty of ways to find out who they are and get in touch:


If you would like to find out who your Academic Reps, just log on to the NTSU website and you will find the contact details of your Representative in either ‘Find your School Rep’ or ‘Find your Course Rep’

Seminars & Lectures

Your Academic Rep will be vocal and visible in your Lectures and Seminars. They will request feedback from you and your course mates at the end of your classes. If you have feedback for them be sure to approach them and share it, they are there to represent you and will appreciate any feedback you have to give them.

Your School Champion & Your Course Leaders

Your Course Leader and School Champion have extensive knowledge of the Academic Representatives system and will be able to provide you with the details of your Academic Representatives. Your Course Leader details will be available on NOW and you can find out who your School Champion is here.


In some Courses your Academic Rep’s contact information will be available on your NOW page, if you are unavailable to find it elsewhere.

An Academic Rep is responsible for representing you and your course mates on a range of academic topics. They provide feedback, provided by you, to academic staff, NTSU staff and the VP Education.

Academic Reps attend termly meetings, where they share the feedback they have collected from you and discuss this with academic staff. After the meetings, Academic Reps update you on the developments of the feedback they have raised and submit an online form to NTSU.

Academic Reps are also expected to attend Academic Representatives Assemblies, which are meetings chaired by the VP Education for all Course and School Reps. These meetings allow Reps to share your feedback in an open forum with the VP Education who can bring it to the highest board meeting at NTU and make a change to your course.

If you provide as much feedback as you can to your Academic Rep, a change can be made quickly to your course and a process that is providing a positive impact within your school could be replicated across NTU, ensuring a great education for all students.