Freshers Week will soon be here! We are super-excited about it and hope you are too. With over 400 events in one week, it is sure to be one of the most memorable weeks of your life.


You will need to wear your 2016 NTSU Freshers Wristband at all times to gain entry to the programme of Freshers events. All freshers are entitled to a free wristband when they enrol, and can pay on the door to go to individual events.


Wristband Plus packages are no longer available, however you can still buy an individual Wristband Plus giving you entry, q-jump and free transport to events. Click here for a list of events included with the Wristband Plus.


Things to do before you get here

1.    Check out our Wristband Plus deal

2.    Join our Freshers 2016 Facebook group.

3.    Join a society or 2.

4.    Meet people in your hall.

5.    Follow our main social media channels:



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