‘Consent is Everything’ campaign launches across the University

Wednesday 23-09-2015 - 11:32

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This month sees the launch of an ongoing campaign led by NTSU to raise awareness about sexual consent: what it is, what it isn’t, giving it and getting it.

As the voice for students, run by students, your Students’ Union is at the helm of this new campaign which aims to support our members in understanding and expressing their own boundaries and respecting those of others. Look out for the Consent is Everything video clip during your induction, or get a sneak preview here.



So where has this all come from?

NTSU has had several seats at the table of the NTU Respect and Consent Working Group, which was made up of students and staff from many different areas of the University with different perspectives and concerns. The group was set up to look specifically at how to address issues around sexual consent and certain social cultures which are known for breeding unacceptable behaviours such as sexism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexual assault and sexual violence. NTU is far from alone in experiencing these challenges, but is proud to be one of the few institutions currently tackling it head on.

Behind the scenes of this campaign are a number of other initiatives unfolding to support the wider NTU agenda of Dignity and Respect, which also launches this month. Under the strapline Respect at NTU: Give it. Get it. Expect it. two new policies – the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Policy and the Dignity & Respect Policy – have been developed to outline NTU’s very clear expectations around how all members of its community treat others, and how they can expect to be treated by others. Respect is our watchword and is something all students and staff are expected to give and should expect to receive in return. And if this isn’t the case, we want to hear about it. The policies explain the different routes and services for addressing any issues which don’t meet our expectations.

NTU and NTSU welcome and value the diversity brought by our students, staff, visitors and community. In fact, we believe our diversity is what makes us such an effective and exciting place to learn and work; a place where everyone has a fair opportunity to belong and thrive. This is made possible by our unswerving commitment to the principles of dignity and respect and by your own participation: Respect at NTU: Give it. Get it. Expect it.


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