Election Results 2021

Friday 19-03-2021 - 20:00

Conor Naughton NTSU President Katherine Fagg VP Education Benedict Wills VP Postgraduate Zoe Clifton VP Sport Zoe Mallett VP Community & Welfare Cameron Sutton VP Opportunities

Over the last few days, you’ve been voting for the students you want to represent you and your voice at NTU next year and the results of this year’s Elections are in…


Executive Officers

Work full-time to represent you on everything from your studies to your welfare.

President: Conor Naughton
VP Education: Katherine Fagg
VP Community and Welfare: Zoë Mallett
VP Opportunities: Cameron Sutton
VP Sport: Zoe Clifton
VP Postgraduate: Benedict Wills 
Brackenhurst Officer: Taya Stevens 

Equality and Diversity Network Chairs

Represent a range of student demographics at NTU.

Accessibility & Disability: Dani-Louise Olver
Gender: Annelise Edwards-Daem
Ethnic Minorities: Angel Momoh
Sexuality: Callum Jepson
International: Urte Poznanskyte

Confetti Officer 

Represents students at Confetti

Joe Haley

Undergrad School Officers

Represent the students in their School, helping to improve the educational experience at Trent.

Nottingham Business School: Nick Harris

Science & Technology: Kallum Hancox


A huge congratulations to all this year’s winners. And thanks to all of the students who took part. 6932 of you voted in our officer elections; our highest voting figure for five years.

You can find more information on representation and having your say at NTU here



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