Grit Training Returns

Monday 26-03-2018 - 11:21

Jelena Matic VP Education


Following a successful first round of sessions earlier this year, we’re giving you another opportunity to get involved in the internationally recognised Grit Training programme.


Grit Training

The unique training aims to help you challenge the limitations of your thinking and develop a mind-set for success. Covering things like creating powerful relationships and improving your confidence, it’s had life-changing consequences for people all over the world.


The training sessions have been extended from one day to three, meaning they’ll cover even more useful content than before and, if you’ve already attended the one day course, it’s a great opportunity to build on what you’ve learnt.


To get involved, you need to attend a one hour induction session where you’ll find out more information about the training and be able to register for the three day course. The first one is in just a couple of days so click here to sign up.


For more information about Grit Training, visit or get in touch with our VP Education, Jelena, at



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