Meet your Equality and Diversity Officers

Thursday 15-11-2018 - 12:32

Your Equality and Diversity Officers represent a range of student demographics at NTU, helping to ensure that all students have a voice and, following our successful term one by-elections, we now have a full team! They are:

Neal Tank – Officer for Ethnic Minorities 

Natalie Hearn – Officer for Student Parents and Carers

Chelsea Snowdon – Officer for Disabled Students

Rachel Saunders – Officer for Gender

Elouise Oldfield – Officer for Sexuality

Carol Namata – Officer for International Students

You can get in touch with the Equality and Diversity Officer who represents you in regard to any issues you might face during your time here at NTU.

They’ll be around campus wearing green hoodies or you can contact them through our E&D Facebook Groups:

NTSU Ethnic Minorities Students

Student Parents and Carers NTSU

NTSU Disabled Students

NTSU Gender and Sexuality

NTSU International Students


For more information about any of your NTSU representatives, click here.


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