Student Case Study #1 - Polly Riley, Course Rep

Thursday 22-10-2015 - 12:26

Photo of Course Rep, Polly Riley, sat at desk in classroom

Polly Riley

Course Rep , Childhood Studies, Year 2


When did you get involved in NTSU?

At the start of my 2nd year.


In what capacity are you involved with NTSU?

I am a Course Rep and also the Clifton Representative for Course Reps. As Course Rep I gather feedback from students on my course by talking to them and via social media, then submit this feedback once a term to my lecturers through NTSU’s Course Rep system. Successes I’ve had include getting the lecturer feedback on our assessment sheets improved as it is not currently consistent for all students. Better feedback will help both students and lecturers in the future.


My Role as Clifton Rep involves me going to Union Meetings to find out some of the wider decisions being made through NTSU such as Big Ideas and feeding that information back to other Clifton Course Reps and students on my course.


What impact has being involved in NTSU had on your time at NTU?

It’s definitely benefited me. I get to see more of what goes on and feel more involved in my course.  I feel I get more out of my course by doing it as I am more aware of the issues and can see things from the lecturers’ side of things as well as the students’. It also makes me feel more empowered as I am able to make change that helps people.


I have made a lot of effort to make sure that I am known throughout my year. I set up a Facebook group so people on the course can communicate easily with one another and I think the course is definitely better because of this; not just for this year, but for future years too.


Do you feel it has helped with your personal development?

It has helped me to be able to communicate ideas effectively and has made me become more professional and mature. I am a lot stronger and have learned how to be tactful and professional when negotiating with people. This has made me more aware of professional responsibility and how to get things done in the right way.


Do you think being involved in NTSU is helping you on your course?

Yes. It makes me more involved with it. Last year I felt like, even though I was engaged with my course, my uni experience was missing an element and being involved with NTSU has filled that gap. Now I feel like I belong somewhere, have people to talk to and can make changes to things.


Do you think being involved in NTSU is helping you prepare for life after uni?

I think it will help with my employability as it gives me extra responsibilities and skills. I also feel like I could go into a job interview and have something to talk about other than just my studies. I can say I was a part of something bigger than me, I got to work with people in other roles and gain an understanding of what goes on “behind the scenes” which has given me more knowledge of how things work in reality. It also separates me from people who just have the same degree but no extra-curricular experience.


Would you recommend that other students get involved in NTSU?

Yes, I would definitely say get involved. I have just applied to be one of next year’s Fresher Crew. It gives you that extra bit of experience. Even if you don’t notice the way it benefits and changes you, other people will notice it in you. Once you get involved you realise how much NTSU has to offer and that it is not just a building!



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