Student Case Study #10 Elliott Doornbos

Monday 19-02-2018 - 12:33

You meet so many people by being involved in the SU it really helps you integrate with other students.

Elliott Doornbos

Information & Advice Service volunteer


When did you get involved in NTSU?

I volunteered to work for the Information & Advice Service in my second year because I wanted to get some volunteering experience and had heard from a friend who had used the service that it was good and that they had volunteering opportunities available. I started out helping with various projects but now I’m one of the more experienced team members and have recently being training other volunteers.


In what capacity are you involved with NTSU?

I volunteered for the advice service for about 18 months and went on to work for the entertainments team, which I’ve done for a year now and am currently a team leader. 


What impact has being involved in NTSU had on your time at university?

I feel a lot more engaged in the student lifestyle because of it. You meet so many people by being involved in the SU it really helps you engage and integrate with other students.


Do you feel it has helped with your personal development?

Definitely. When I first came to uni I was really anxious and quiet and these days I am quite comfortable hosting events such as a the weekly pub quiz to a room full of people, so it has given me a huge confidence boost.


Do you feel it has helped with your studies?

Yes, it’s helped me with time management and has given me motivation to focus on my work and get my work-life balance in order. The volunteering work has also helped to give better context to certain subjects in criminology, which is an unexpected benefit.


Do you think being involved in NTSU is helping you prepare for life after uni?

My experience working in both roles has definitely helped me prepare for being in a work environment. Developing leadership skills and learning to work with people has also been helpful.


Would you recommend that other students get involved in NTSU?

Definitely. It helps you to engage with student life and make the most of your university experience.


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