Student Case Study #8 Rory Webster

Thursday 14-09-2017 - 11:34

I get to work with respected, highly skilled professionals, which can be intimidating at times but is definitely helping me with my professional growth.

Rory Webster

2nd Year Zoo Biology


When did you get involved in NTSU?

I was unofficially the substitute Course Rep in my first year, then decided I wanted to make some changes to my course, so applied to be a Course Rep in my second year.

In what capacity are you involved with NTSU?

I am a Course Rep as well as a School Rep and I have also founded and am a member of the Endangered Species Society. In my role as Course Rep I had been talking to NTSU staff and the VP Education about setting up more societies at Brack, then went ahead and set up the Endangered Species Society, which is something I had always wanted, once I knew the process for doing so.

What impact has being involved in NTSU had on your time at university?

Being an Academic Rep has really helped me integrate and bond with my course mates as well as be able to make improvements on my course. We have seen changes I have suggested being implemented within a week, so it has had an almost immediate impact. Changes include more interactive lectures and more guest lecturers coming in from industry to share their real-world experience. I have also helped to run a mental health campaign on campus, so I am hoping to be able to get more mental health support for students in place at Brackenhurst. Next on the agenda is working with NTU Sport to create more recreational sporting activity on campus.

Do you feel it has helped with your personal development?

Yes, I’ve built a lot of communication skills and have got used to having responsibilities as I represent over 60 students on my course and over 600 second year students as a School Rep. I get to work with highly skilled, well respected people in their fields and have got used to working with professionals, which can be intimidating at times but is definitely helping me with my personal growth.

Do you feel it has helped with your studies?

Yes, not just my own studies, but all students on my course and across campus. As well as the mental health campaign I have also had input into building development on campus and looking on bringing in new facilities on campus to meet students’ needs. I am looking to ensure that we get a big student room in the new building that is being planned, along with a rooftop garden and using a special type of brick with bat housing in it so that bats can live in the building.

Do you think being involved in NTSU is helping you prepare for life after uni?

Sure. It’s good for your CV as employers can see that you have been interacting with your university in a responsible way. The experience also counts towards section 6.1 of the HEAR, which will help with my employability.

Would you recommend that other students get involved in NTSU?

Yes, definitely. My main motivation for getting involved was to make changes for students on my course, but even if there aren’t any specific changes you really want to make, getting involved is a great way to get experience beyond just your studies.



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