Your feedback opens new study space

Wednesday 17-10-2018 - 12:00

VP Education


Nottingham Trent University has opened a brand-new city centre study space thanks to your feedback which I was invited to officially open last week.

Dryden Suite

The Dryden Suite located in the Dryden Centre next to Bonington Gallery has been used for many purposes across the years including a library and NTU’s head offices. Now, it boasts brand-new teaching and study facilities as well as its own kitchen after students fed back to their Academic Reps about the need to heat up food on campus.

Academic Reps gather feedback from students in their school or on their course and work alongside the Students’ Union and University to put positive changes in place and this is just one of the recent successes they’ve had.

Bradley, our NTSU President, said: “The Dryden Suite is an amazing new facility, combining necessary study space with a student kitchen I know so many of you will benefit from. It just goes to show how important your feedback and your Academic Reps are. I hope you make the most of this amazing new space!”

Voting for this year’s Academic Reps is now open. If you want to help influence important changes like this, click here to have your say.


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