Your Big Ideas

Our Big Ideas scheme provides students and easy way to submit ideas for things they want to to change to NTSU. These ideas can be about anything that are going to improve the student experience either at NTSU, NTU, Nottingham or even the country.

We would love to hear your Big Ideas - Read how it works below then submit one online today!

An effective Big Idea should consider 3 things:

Facts: What is the issue we are trying to solve? What do we already know about this issue?

Impacts: How does this issue impact on student experience? Is it negative?

Reacts: What would you like NTSU to do to fix the issue? How do we need to take this forward?

After you’ve submitted your idea, students have the chance to like or dislike your idea online. The more students that like your idea, the more chance it has of becoming union policy!

Think you’ve got a great idea that NTSU can work on? Add it here!

To keep track of your big idea, view its progress online.

The diagram below shows the passage of your idea to Union policy:

 The diagram shows the process explained below in full text