How The Union Works


Nottingham Trent Students' Union is a democratic, member-led organisation. That means that you, the students of NTU, dictate exactly how the Union carries out its business by proposing and voting upon Union policies (in the form of Big Ideas), and electing representatives from amongst yourselves to carry out those policies. 

The SU's membership is made up of the roughly 27,000 students currently attending NTU. Every member of the Union has the right to take part and vote in every democratic forum that exists within the Union - ranging from voting in Union elections, referenda, or Union Meeting policy votes, to attending assemblies or contacting the Exec and Student Councillors directly.

Our governance documents outline the process through which this happens in much more detail but the steps below outline the process in it's simplest form. Click on any of the stages to learn more.

Big Ideas

Any Big Idea for change in your Union, your university or Nottingham more generally can be submitted for consideration to become Union policy. Read more here!

Student Council

A collection of elected representatives from across the Union meet regularly to consider and vote upon the Big Ideas put forward by the membership. Read more here!

Union Meeting

Termly meetings open to all NTU students ensure that the final say on Big Ideas and the work of the elected Officers is in the hands of the membership. Read more here!

Trustee Board

A board of elected Officers, external experts and student members hold the final legal responsibility for NTSU and make sure that everything runs smoothly. Read more here!