Want to have a say in who represents you this year? Vote for your student representatives in our term one By-elections.

You’ll be working alongside the successful candidates to make important changes to your university experience so it’s important you have your say on who they are before voting closes next Wednesday (24th October).

Below is a list of the positions you can vote for:

Brackenhurst Officer

Your Brack Officer sits on the Students’ Union’s Executive Team and acts as a voice for students studying at Brackenhurst Campus.

Equality and Diversity Officers

NTSU’s E&D Officers represent a range of student demographics, helping to ensure their voices are heard.

The E&D Officer positions currently available are:

  • Officer for Disabled Students
  • Officer for Ethnic Minorities
  • Officer for Student Parents & Carers
  • Officer for International Students

NUS Delegate

NUS Delegates represent students at Nottingham Trent University at a national level. They attend NUS’ National Conference and vote on issues that affect students across the country.

Academic Reps

Academic Reps represent people on their course or in their school, helping to drive positive change on their behalf.


Click here to vote for who represents you now


Voting is now open and will close on Wednesday 24th October at 12pm.


For more information about voting, email elections@su.ntu.ac.uk