Academic Representatives work alongside students, the University and the Students’ Union to make sure the voices of those studying at NTU are heard.



Your Academic Reps for 2017-18 are now elected. Click here for more information.


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  • Being an Academic Rep only takes 1 day per term on average. This time is mostly spent attending training and University and Union meetings. In addition to this, you should set aside time aside time to collect feedback from your class mates. Trading a few hours each term in order to influence changes and improvements to your course or school, as well as building your CV and gaining employability skills is a great use of your time.

Your Academic Representatives are the voice of your course and school. They gather your feedback and help make changes to your academic experience by attending meetings with academic staff and your Vice President Education. You and your Academic Reps can make a great difference to your student experience, if you support them in their role and give them feedback on the changes you want to see happen.

You can contact your representatives by logging in to your account on the NTSU website and click on the 'Find your course rep' or 'find your school rep' buttons in the left sidebar. Alternatively, your representatives will be visible on your NOW page. If the position appears to be vacant and you are interested in volunteering for it, please contact .