Academic Representatives

What are Academic Reps?

Educational Representation Hierarchy VP Education Your VP Education is a full-time elected representative who is part of the Exec Team. They work with School Officers, Course Reps, and senior leaders at the University to improve your academic experience and make important changes to your education. The VP Education sits in high-level meetings that give them the power to influence significant changes and get you the best educational experience possible at NTU. School Officers School Officers are student representatives elected by the students in the same year of their School. They provide your VP Education with School-specific feedback collected by themselves and Course Reps. School Officers attend School Forums where they meet with senior School staff and the School Dean to make your voice heard. Course Representatives Course Reps represent the students in the same year of the course they are studying. They work with your VP Education and School Officers to collect course-specific feedback which gets passed on to the University. They attend Course Committee meetings where they meet with academic staff and other Course Reps. Students Students provide crucial feedback that directs the work of NTSU and is where educational change at NTU begin. It can be hard for an individual student to make significant changes to their course or School by acting alone. But, by engaging with Course Reps, School Officers, and your VP Education, your feedback can be a powerful catalyst for changing and improving the educational experience you have at NTU.

Academic Reps act as a voice for their fellow students. They gather feedback from their peers and work alongside the Students’ Union to make important changes to the academic experience at Nottingham Trent.

There are two types of Academic Reps; School Officers who represent the students in their School and Course Reps who represent the students on their Course.

The opening of new study spaces and the introduction of chargers in the library are just a couple of the improvements they’ve made based on student feedback in the last year.

How do I contact my reps?

Your Course Rep's contact details should be on NOW. If not, ask your Course Administrator or email


Your School Officer is listed below and is contactable via email through NTU's Outlook address book.



Postgraduate School Officer: Daniela Eberl

Undergraduate School Officer: Amie Wright


Art and Design

Postgraduate School Officer: Jeneé Marie Gardner

Undergraduate School Officer: Anton Alexander Lopez


Arts and Humanities

Postgraduate School Officer: Ramisha Rafique

Undergraduate School Officer: Joshua Taylor



Confetti School Officer: Katya Senior



Postgraduate School Officer: James Williams

Undergraduate School Officer: Kat Fagg



Postgraduate School Officer: Eunice Deladem Ohenewaa Mensah

Undergraduate School Officer: Sophie Taft


Science and Technology

Postgraduate School Officer: Ifeanyi Anthony Nwachukwu

Undergraduate School Officer: Kallum Hancox


Social Sciences

Postgraduate School Officer: Daniel Heathcote

Undergraduate School Officer: Sofia Karamat


Get in touch

Troy Brocklebank VP Education 0115 848 2914

More info

Carter YimVP Postgraduate  0115 848 2917

More info

If you have any questions about becoming an Academic Rep or nominating yourself, please email