Academic Reps

Academic Representatives

Academic Reps act as a voice for the students on their school or course, helping to put positive changes in place on their behalf.

There are two types of Academic Reps, course reps who represent the students on their course and school reps who represent the students in their school. Both gather feedback from their peers and work alongside the University and Students’ Union to improve the university experience of NTU students.  

Who are my Academic Reps?

If you have feedback you would like to share with your Academic Reps, you can find out who they are on your NOW page.  

How can I become one?

Interested in becoming one yourself? Our Academic Rep Elections take place in term 1. Nominating yourself is a great opportunity to develop skills and experience that look great on your CV and make a difference at NTU. Click the icons below to find out more information about the positions.


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